Empowering you to connect

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iMP is a Mac-based program used to empower overseas workers to connect to their financial partners, track company funds and submit regular reports. It is currently made available only to company personnel and is free of charge.

To get started using "iMP", visit the Downloads section, complete the necessary form and you should be ready to go in a matter of minutes. Also, you may want to visit the "Support" section to watch some of the tutorials to get the most out of using iMP.

iMP comes packed with some great features to empower you to connect. New features are being added all the time. Below are just some of the powerful features available in iMP:
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iMP allows you to keep track of all of your contacts in one place. Not only can you import from our Monthly Statements, but you may also import from other sources like Excel and CSV directly into iMP.
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iMP is designed with the overseas worker in mind. All of our most common reports can be completed in iMP including Quarterly Reports, Itineration Reports, Special Disbursements, Institutional and Vehicle Usage reports.
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iMP enables you to keep track of every communication made with your contacts. Whether it was a phone call, email, letter or personal visit, keeping a history of your communications in one place will make you more effective in staying in touch.
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One challenge as overseas workers is to stay on top of all the small details of planning services, writing letters and making additional phone calls. iMP gives you an easy interface to keep track, carry out and complete each of your many tasks. You can even create personalized automated tasks.
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Keep track of all your meetings, services and other events with ease. You can even send your events directly to Calendar for easy synchronization between your Mac and other iOS devices.
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Through our monthly updates, you can keep track of any changes in giving patterns, address or pastoral changes and receive a summary of current giving. There are even charts so you can see your giving trends.

  • Multiple currencies with automated updates via internet
  • Keep track of STL vehicles with regular mileage logs and vehicle usage reports
  • Import Monthly Statements for easy contact management and donor tracking
  • Import SDR CSV statements for quick entry
  • Create personalized letters, emails, labels and envelopes
  • Customize settings through the Preferences areas
  • Direct download of Districts and Sectional information
  • Watch help videos directly from within iMP
  • Beautiful graphs to view giving trends
  • Create analysis reports of giving data
  • Active Support Base
  • Export contacts as vCards for use in Address Book
  • Import contacts from the an online directory
  • Much more...
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Visit our "Downloads" section to begin using iMP today.